Carlo Prudencio

Chaperone Information

If you’re interested in Chaperoning, this section is for you! In order to make our competitions a safe and successful opportunity for our students, we need chaperones to help with managing students.

Here are our student rules for competition:

Rule 1: Students are to watch each choir.

Rule 2: Students are to tell a chaperone that they’re going to grab food or go to the bathroom.

Rule 3: Students need to be in at least a pair if they’re going to exit the theater.

Rule 4: No students can leave the competition early without prior authorization.

For Chaperones I would like to have at least one of you to check outside every once in a while. Please keep an eye on all students. If they’re walking away without prior authorization, stop them or let me know what the situation is. If any student is having a medical emergency let me know and let our hosts or nurse at the competition know. You will all receive my cell number to contact me. There will be a separate chaperone meeting in the future before competition season.