Carlo Prudencio

Tech Crew and Set Design

For the first time ever, Diamond Bar Show Choir will be traveling and competing with state-of-the-art show lighting. This will give us the greatest edge for competition season and allow our students to perform with professional equipment. With all this tech, we need help. I already have a few tech members, but I still need some from our parents. If you’re interested please come to school all day on Wednesday, February 27th. This will be the first time we set our show with the lighting and also teach tech parents and students to work with the lighting as well as run it during competition season. I need at least one person to run the lighting each competition set. Tech parents will also be managing some students.

Thank you all for your support this year. Our groups have improved so much and our program is growing rapidly. If you have any questions you’re always welcome to email me at vO’ I am incredibly excited for a successful competition season!

Carlo Prudencio

Diamond Bar High School Show Choir Competition Information

Competition Season General Information:

Competition season is when show choirs from all over the country gather to perform the sets that they have been working tirelessly on. They also get to share their sets with others, meet people from all over the country, and get adjudicated by professionals in the business. The So-Cal competition season starts in early February and ends mid to late April.

Our students will get to perform at 4 prestigious competitions. They will grow not only as performers, but as young adults. The lessons learned during a show choir competition season cannot be matched in any other high school or even collegiate program.

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