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Chaperone Information

If you’re interested in Chaperoning, this section is for you! In order to make our competitions a safe and successful opportunity for our students, we need chaperones to help with managing students.

Here are our student rules for competition:

Rule 1: Students are to watch each choir.

Rule 2: Students are to tell a chaperone that they’re going to grab food or go to the bathroom.

Rule 3: Students need to be in at least a pair if they’re going to exit the theater.

Rule 4: No students can leave the competition early without prior authorization.

For Chaperones I would like to have at least one of you to check outside every once in a while. Please keep an eye on all students. If they’re walking away without prior authorization, stop them or let me know what the situation is. If any student is having a medical emergency let me know and let our hosts or nurse at the competition know. You will all receive my cell number to contact me. There will be a separate chaperone meeting in the future before competition season.

Carlo Prudencio


Only half of DBHS’s annual choir expenses are covered by tuition, ticket sales, and other sources of earned revenue. The remaining funding depends upon generous individual donations, corporate contributions, and grants. These gifts help DBHS choir to develop innovative curriculum and unique music education experiences for groups of all ages and abilities.

There are other ways to contribute.

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Carlo Prudencio


Parents we need your support in raising much needed funds for our choral programs.  Each bingo night we can host brings in significant contributions.  We only ask for your time during these events.  Please contact Mr. Vince O’Connell for further information.

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